Transforming culture by transforming leaders!
Transforming culture by transforming leaders!

CEO Round Tables

As a Christian Business owner, you are seeking to survive in the marketplace AND be a faithful steward


Your faith is challenged every day:

  • Living out your faith when facing difficult business decisions
  • Tough issues with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors
  • Being a light in the work environment
  • Balancing your business, personal and spiritual life

Imagine how your business would be positively impacted if you had a Christian ‘board of advisors’ with 150+ years of experience to draw upon.


Learn more about Truth @ Work Round Tables and how you can join the Round Table in Columbus.

...Challenging ...Beneficial ...Unique
  • Grow strategic leadership thinking
  • Explore leadership challenges
  • Expand perspective and experiences
  • Create unique accountable systems


  • Stimulate thought leadership through peers

  • Provide cross-company knowledge 

  • Identify solutions to critical business issues

  • Develop strategic partners

  • Partner with over 150 years of business experience

  • Leverage a methodology with proven results

  • Experience high-impact meetings

  • Discover results-oriented agendas

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